Lefse announces new Ganglians record, Still Living

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Ganglians, Still Living

Sacramento-based Lefse Records just announced plans to release a double LP from their hometown killers, Ganglians, whose re-appropriations of psych and garage blew our minds in 2009, when they released two albums on Woodsist. Their new one, perhaps titled Still Living to remind us that they are in fact still around, is just under an hour, and was produced by Robby Moncrieff.

The first leak, “Jungle”, has tinges of that ol' “tropical” essence embedded in its vocal choruses, along with some street noise and car alarms, and a bit of that baked SF garage sound steaming in across the burnt mid-California terrain.

Ganglians, “Jungle”

Look for Still Living August 23 in the States, and August 29 in Europe, where it will be released by Souterrain Transmissions.