Lower Dens' Drummer Nate Nelson Joins Drainolith for Tour

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Drainolith will be adding Lower Dens and formerly Mouthus drummer Nate Nelson for their upcoming tour, and we've never been happier for a couple in our entire lives. Look at how cute they are! So we just had to ask Alexander Moskos, a.k.a. Drainolith, how they met, and here's what he said.

“I first met Nate Nelson on the occasion of Hargreaves’ first promotion of a Mouthus gig. It was at Missy Bar. Missy Bar was on Mount Royal Street in Montreal and owned by Kathy Kline’s landlord. Nanners-ass gig, blood. A weakened version of Hurricane Katrina had just blown through Montreal. I left all the apartment windows open. Everything got drenched. My favourite Inuit print of a seal got blown off the back wall by harsh wind. My copy of Dilloway’s “Bad Dreams” cd-r got fused to my dining room table. That table forever had a black-winged ghoul in red flood pasted onto it. Gas prices were through the roof. I sat at Al-Taib on Guy and watched TV news coverage of a hut-punk wade through floodwater to steel a buncha soda. I briefly fell in love with lovely Sophie Trudeau and shared a hotel room bed with St-Onge on a tour that didn’t go as far as Pittsburgh but almost. I told Tellier-Craig to start listening to arpeggiated European synth records and now look at him. Hargreaves and I would drive up to the top of Mount Royal and watch the east-end blink and listen to a tape of the Yod pressing of “Taking Drugs to Make Music to Take Drugs To”, the only good Spacemen record and the only good pressing of it too. Mouthus were like David Murray and Milford Graves duets on DIW, manic jazz cookers, Sullivan on buried-laser guitar, Nelson playing half kit/half machine, before everyone wanted drum synths and triggers…only Sightings, Mouthus and Dice were on some Simmons shit. Montreal had had its explosion but still looked like shit. I was on employment insurance so I felt retired. Michigan stopped by the apartment. Construction workers rebuilding the façade watched from their hoists as we gave the middle finger to a clock. Michigan barely made it to Burlington. It would have changed everything had they not done so. Felix hadn’t yet moved in. I still hadn’t learned to really speak French, but I would (1). Aaanyhoots. Nate Nelson was sik. I thought; “that’s my favourite drummer”. No one’s that deep; rhythmically, timbre-wise, in the cut, everything.

(1) If you speak it and someone speaks it back…you’re speaking it.”

And there you have it! Catch these two on tour, starting tonight in Cleveland, and while you're at it, pick up a copy of Drainolith's excellent Spectrum Spools release, Fighting!

Aug 16th Cleveland, @ Happy Dog w/ Radio People
Aug 17-19 VOV @ Indian Meadows Campground
Wed Aug 29 Baltimore @ The Bank
Thurs Aug 30 Philly @ Space 1026 w/ Charles Cohen
Fri Aug 31 Amherst, MA @SSLB
Sat Sept 1 off
Sun Sept 2 Burlington VT @ Friends and Family Fest
Mon Sept 3 off
Tues Sept 4 Oberlin, OH @ Fairchild Chapel w/ Moth Cock
Wed Sept 5th Chicago, IL w/Moth Cock @ The Burlington
Thur Sept 6th Detroit, MI w/Moth Cock @ MUG
Fri Sept 7th Cleveland, OH w/Moth Cock @ Pat's In the Flats
Sat Sept 8 Rochester, NY @ Pussy Barrel II
Sun Sept 9th NYC at Death By Audio w/ United Waters and SSPS