LVL UP release Hoodwink’d demos and B-sides

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Lvl up hoodwink'd demos

Brooklyn punks LVL UP have released an album of demo tracks and b-sides to last year’s Hoodwink’d LP (on Double Double Whammy / Exploding in Sound). The demos are mostly lo-fi and unmastered recordings of the songs played either solo on soft-spoken acoustic guitars or full-band with small-sounding amps and less confident structures (mid-song sniffles included), with a slightly different arrangement of the tracks, and some previously unreleased songs thrown in. The record, titled Dark Sided Stuff, shows a rare and raw insight into the band’s creative process and their ability to re-imagine and re-work not only particular songs, but the composition of a record as a whole.

The album is streaming below and on the LVL Up bandcamp.