Melle Mel's diagnosis: senile

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Melle Mel gets on the radio to stutter and wax misinformation. Seriously, was this guy trapped on a deserted island after '88?

There are few things I find more frustrating than a hip hop legend shitting on his or her status as a pioneer and revolutionary mind by speaking in a misinformed manner. Melle Mel gave us “White Lines” well before coke rap became the standard. He helped awaken the MTV generation to the lack of trickle down effect going on in the inner city with his verse on “The Message.” But, it's a shame when a once great mind is reduced to senility. At least, he's stopped wearing all leather, the daddy way, not the Run DMC way.

It's even worse, listening to radio personalities who can't properly defend Mel's weightless “real rap versus rap” statements with any relevant argument besides “well, you know, when you grow up in the hood, it's all you know.” Although, this is Eric B.'s show. Unless, Marley Marl or Rakim are doing the work for him, he really doesn't know how to contribute.

Melle Mel does raise a good point. He did help cultivate a platform for black people to be heard. He has a right to question if it is being used properly. He has a right to ask who black people are, I guess. But, I am fairly certain even the ladies don't want to dance to songs about their periods like the club is a great place to shoot a maxi-pad commercial. Quit your half-steppin' Mel.