Nick Reinhart returns with an even scarier Scary Sounds II

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In case you didn’t get enough last year, Nick Reinhart of Tera Melos (also of seasonal records satan’s power, satan’s power II) is back with another installment of spooky noises.

An experimental record in which every sound is made with a guitar, Scary Sounds II includes some chilling ambient tracks alongside bloopy and crunchy electric sounds that will make you feel like you’re being spun around inside a washing machine or inside a tweaker’s brain. Every sound is unsettling—it’s clear that the record’s been constructed very deliberately to build an ever-shifting eerie atmosphere so that you’ll want to get the hell away from wherever you are in favor of somewhere a little more well-lit. Reinhart used to work the seasonal shift at Party City, so this one’s got the spirits’ seal of approval.

You can stream Scary Sounds II below, or buy it now for $6.66 to frighten the ornery kids off your lawn.