Night-People, Tape Gun sampler

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Night-People, Tape Gun

Night-People is and always will be one of our most trusted sources for the pulse of the American underground. Last year the label went all-in with Merchandise's Totale Nite LP, which is still available, and managed to squeeze in a move to Minneapolis between touring with its flagship band.

Not too frozen to make a compilation, Night-People is offering a sampler of its past and current December and January releases, entitled Tape Gun. The compilation – an 18-song collection – features tracks from Ukiah Drag, Idiot Glee, Dice Parks, Beat Detectives, D. Vassalotti of Merchandise, and more.

Download the Tape Gun compilation here.

Below is a list of the Dec/Jan. cassette catalog:
Beat Detectives (Minneapolis)
The Savage Young Taterbug (Cali by way of Iowa)
Tender Meat (Minneapolis)
Fatti Frances (Melbourne AU)
Fingers Pty Ltd (Melbourne AU)
Idiot Glee (Lexington KY)
Ukiah Drag (Providence by way of FL)
Roladex (Texas)
Dice Parks (Calgary)
Sleepy Filter (Seattle)