Number4Door releases Creepy Feelings cassette mixtape

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UK based tape label Number4Door announced the release of a compilation cassette featuring 19 bands from all over the world entitled Creepy Feelings. Accompanying the 65 minutes of compelling lo-fi rock is a comic from UK artist Bridget-M. Only fifty of the hand-dubbed cassettes will be sold.

You can stream Creepy Feelings below, fall in love with it, and proceed to buy it here.


A1: Gorgeous Bully – Bear In Chains
A2: Wild Balbina – Spit Your Love
A3: Noun/Verb/Adjective – Skinsuit
A4: Bobb Bruno – Shutins
A5: Ouija – Please Don't Inseminate My Sister
A6: MiSTOA POLTSA – Mine Too
A7: Coasting – Hots For Teacher
A8: The Creeping Ivies – House Of Ivy
A9: Baby Acid – Pheramones
A10: Rick Ross – Is This A Spare Bedroom
B1: Dinosaurs Are Still Alive – Peripheral Vision
B2: Mannequin Pussy – Sneaky
B3: Autumns – Terrible Tuesday
B4: Los Cripis – Pony Tail
B5: Herbert Powell – Snout Mask Replica
B6: GGGHOST TOWNNN – When You Are Not There
B7: Fantasmage – Vuelta a Empezar
B8: Larks – Altar Of Michael
B9: Cretin Stompers – Randy Kraft