Quiet Hooves and Bubbly Mommy Gun bring the party party up the east coast

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Quiet Hooves Mercer West and Prince Rama at Whartscape

The group of people that make up Quiet Hooves are three bands in one. Literally. Which is why when they lose their lead singer half way through a tour, they just Saddle Up and head home under a different name.

Party Party Partners is the collaborative effort of the Quiet Hooves team, who, along with releasing records is now a full-on booking agent for the groups offspring, as well as Pikacyu-Makoto (collaboration of Acid mothers Temple / Afrirampo). So Quiet Hooves will venture through the midwest and Canada, catching up with Pikacyu-Makoto at Bard, eventually reaching our humble borough. After one Brooklyn show, they'll lose singer/keyboard player Julian Bozeman who will head to Europe to perform visuals for Prince Rama under his pseudonym Video Program. That's when Bubbly Mommy Gun goes into effect and finishes the tour traveling back down the coast with a bunch of friends.

Got that? Check out the full dates below and say hi along the way.

Quiet Hooves and Bubbly Mommy Gun tour dates:

May 3 Knoxville @ the pilot light w/ fine peduncle
May 4 Dekalb @ 7th street space w/ light pollution
May 5 Chicago @ warehouse party w/ nude sunrise, architecture, many mansions
May 6 Detroit @ magic stick w/ SLUFTER, deastro, deaf beasts, telephone callers, cherokee painted pony (cinco de mayonnaise world music job fair)
May 7 Toronto @ radiolaria w/ phil, teen tits wild wives, tape deck bros.
May 8 Montreal @ torn curtain w/ doldrums
May 9 Bard College @ SMOG w/ pikacyu-makoto, mugu guymen
May 10 Boston @ yes oui si gallery w/ pikacyu-makoto, mugu guymen
May 11 Brooklyn @ monster island (todd p) w/ prince rama, pikacyu-makoto, mugu guymen

:: julian from quiet hooves flies to ATP / europe with Prince Rama, no more qh just bmg ::

May 12 Brooklyn @ death by audio (e4e1) w/ alien whale (colin from usaisamonster), pikacyu-makoto, mugu guymen, guardian alien (greg from liturgy)
May 13 Philadelphia @ marvelous records w/ pikacyu-makoto, mugu guymen, dick neff
May 14 Baltimore @ floristree w/ pikacyu-makoto, mugu guymen, secret secrets, horse lords, MIDI USERS' GROUP
May 15 Raleigh @ kings barcade w/ lonnie walker, oulio (mbrs. birds of avalon)
May 16 Boone, NC @ espresso news w/ Say NO! To Architecture
May 17 Athens @ farm255 w/ pikacyu-makoto, mugu guymen
May 18 Atlanta @ 529 w/ pikacyu-makoto, mugu guymen, brass knuckle surfer