Quincy Vidal partners with Food Bank NYC

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Quincy Vidal

Brooklyn-based Hip-Hop duo Quincy Vidal is partnering with their label Styles Upon Styles Records to help feed New York. Comprised of MCs Caleb “CE” Eberhardt and Leasha Julius, Quincy Vidal will be giving proceeds from custom-designed hoodies to Food Bank NYC.

The hoodies, priced at $45, are embedded with a download code for their upcoming Chi’ren EP—their debut project on the label. “Third Rail”, the first single from Chi’ren, released today.

Julius says that the duo chose to donate to Food Bank NYC because they “know what it’s like to be hungry.” Via e-mail, Julius recalls that Quincy Vidal was established during the “hungry summer” of 2010 when the two were working low-paying jobs while crafting their Cookin’ In Brooklyn project, and those financial constraints engendered a personal link with the less fortunate.

“I’ve experienced hunger in a way that helped me find music,” Julius notes. “We’re all in this together, and I won’t forget where I came from.”

The design on the hoodie—also Chi’ren’s cover—was created by a child that CE and Julius babysit. They asked him to draw pictures based on various prompts and felt his “wolfman” image perfectly “fit the mood of the EP.”

Those who buy the hoodie will be able to immediately download the EP. Chi’ren will be on sale to everyone else on April 1.