R.I.P. Pink Priest

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For those who knew Pink Priest's particular brand of vacuum tube noise and padded-wall melodic dementia, the time to mourn is now – he's retiring the moniker. But the forlorn valleys William Cody Watson conjured with that project will find a place to call home on the map laid out for his two surviving offspring, Gremlynz and Malibu Wands. We've been over this before. In fact, he introduced these projects to a lot of people through an All Hallow's Eve split here on Impose.

But not that much has changed with the death of the Priest; Watson is still a bulldozer of a music-maker, perhaps more prolific than ever.

Here's a small excerpt from a mammoth undertaking out now on No Kings. It's a Malbiu Wands c80, which, No Kings notes, is basically a double album jammed onto two sides of a cassette, divided into four separate 20 minute ambient epics – titled “Cult”, “Hive”, “Drug”, and “Worship”. Here's a taste of “Hive”:

Malibu Wands “Hive” excerpt by No Kings

More info at the No Kings site here.

And check out more of WC Watson's other newish half, Gremlynz, in this newish cassette release called Crystal Hexes.