RMBLR Premiere "Name Game", Announce Debut 7" Release via Fat Possum Records

Post Author: Meredith Schneider

We’ve got some big news from the RMBLR camp today, as the new Atlanta-based rock n’ roll collective prepares to drop a 7″ via Fat Possum Records on February 17th. (Yes, that’s right. That’s your first big deal of the day.) We’ve partnered up with them – the stunning collective of Chase Tail (guitar/vocals), Alex Hagen (guitar/vocals), Jason Boyer (bass), and Jake Berry (drums) – to deliver you a taste of the 7″ with their first single “Name Game”, which borders on the line of “get up and clap your hands anthem” and “start a riot.” Seriously. It’s an upbeat hip swayer that gets your adrenaline pumping immediately, and we’re sure to have it on repeat for the rest of the day.

We caught up with the hilarious band for a second to knock out some introductions for you guys.
Why music? What’s in it for you?
Music is power, and we want everything.
How do you keep yourself continually inspired to keep creating music?
We are all creative people so it happens pretty naturally. Jason is a tattoo artist with amazing pop composing sensibility, Me and Jake do Graphic Design for a living, Chase is a lyrical genius and a straight up mad man, his brain is constantly on and coming up with bizarre hilarious shit.
Tell us about the new EP- are there any particular stories behind its creation?
It was recorded in a cold basement in Baltimore after a brief stint we did through Jersey and New York with no money or sleep. The tracks are a reflection of our previous lives living in jungles as cannibals and fighting in the Vietnam war.
Where do you feel most comfortable as an artist? On stage, in the studio, on the road, etc?
It’s taken me my whole life to feel comfortable in any situation. Tour is never comfortable neither is studio time. We are always on the edge. Chase and Jason (CHASON) reach maximum comfort while drinking in abandoned buildings hanging out in dark caves etc. but I think I can speak for everyone and say the live show is where we feel the most natural.
What else is in the pipeline for 2017?
We just started out the year playing one of the best Rock N Roll fests on the East Coast. The Playboy Playoffs in Atlanta GA. Our Rock and Roll brothers and sisters traveled from all over to be here for this solid line up of killer bands. Tomorrow we go into the studio to record a new hit single.

What goes on in your head, leading up to a release you’ve already finished recording?

Schizophrenia, Detachment from reality (delusions), paranoia and or hallucinations.
Anything else you’d like to let our readers know?
We rule.
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