Rumored Cloud Nothings and Wavves Collab Shows Real Signs of Life

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cloud nothings

Recent whisperings of a possible collaborative album between Cloud Nothings and Wavves have just been confirmed in an interview on Exclaim! with Cloud Nothings' Dylan Baldi.

Of the project with Wavves' Nathan Williams, Baldi offers something close to candor, saying, “the songs are good.” The collaboration has been highly anticipated, with details still pretty murky. However, to distract themselves, on April 1, Cloud Nothings fan can sink their teeth into new LP Here and Nowhere Else, from which “I'm Not Part of Me” is taken. The news so far is heartening, with eight songs already recorded in Los Angeles—eight and counting, we hope.

The news of the record is being widely reported, but the possibility of this being a farce should not ruled out with April Fool's Day on the horizon. Something about Baldi's quote in the Exclaim! interview of, “I woke up one morning hungover in Paris, which is where I usually live, and I just had a text on my phone that was like, 'Yo, wanna make a record together?' I was like, '…Okay!',” feels disingenuous.