Run The Jewels Announces New Craft Beers ; Jump On Track With BOOTS

Post Author: Andre G

Hip-hop artists are pretty much the unofficial nightlife spokesman. We’ve seen an endless slew of hip-hop artists put their marketer hat on and start pitching alcohol, to the point where it feels like every prominent artist is repping their own liquor brand. Run The Jewels jumped into the fray, but instead of hawking a tequila or vodka, they helped develop the well-regarded Stay Gold IPA in a partnership with different breweries.
Today they announced that their second line of craft beer, Panther Like A Panther, will be released in collaboration with craft breweries Interboro of NYC, Pipeworks of Chicago, and J. Wakefield of Miami. According to the official press release, Interboro will be producing a traditional Stout, Pipeworks is brewing a “Porter blended with Bourbon barrel-aged beer,” and J. Wakefield’s brew will be a coffee-infused Stout.

These brews are just the first of many Run The Jewels will be releasing in the coming year. They’re releasing Legend Has It Pilsner in April and the Down Double IPA for October. They’ll also be partnering with Berlin’s BRLO craft brewery to create a CBD-infused version of the Legend Has It Pilsner. That brew will be released on 4/20 and available across Europe.
Elsewhere, the duo also got with previous collaborator BOOTS (and Cristin Milioti) to craft “Delete Delete,” a track on BOOTS’ 4-song #DarkDaze EP. The EP was released today to commemorate the talented artist’s 31st birthday. Maybe he’ll celebrate with one of Run The Jewels’ many brews.
You can stream “Delete Delete” and the rest of #DarkDaze below.