Some words about Ariel Panero

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Ariel was exciting to be around; he was fun and he was driven. He would come to me with seemingly impossible show ideas but then always manage to pull them off. He approached his work with a sense that yeah, there might be consequences but the good and fun will outweigh the fallout because we have the right spirit and if I don't try and get this done it'll never happen.

One of Ariel’s most triumphant moments in my eyes was when he somehow convinced the skipper of Clipper City to let all the Famous Class bands charter the boat for a quarter of the usual price. The feeling was unforgettable, sailing around the Statue of Liberty having a beer with Ariel and watching friends play and dance. Last year he began working with me at Famous Class, helping us take some big steps forward. It breaks my heart that he isn’t going to see the results of everything we worked on together.

He was a dear friend and a brother, we love you and miss you.

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