Stephanie, “Cell 44”

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Stephanie is a Seattle group of distinction, including members of Secret Colors and M. Women, and all of the above are longstanding members of the tight-knit DIY scene there. Seattle is totally the type of place where everyone hangs out and starts a new band in their basement every few days, so it's nice to see some groups picking one and sticking to it. Stephanie's idea is especially strong; using a strong rhythm section to propel the song forward, “Cell 44” is a cooing mix of melodic singing and a fun guitar line. Which is weird, because I asked them what this song is about and they said, “This track is about prison. Fuck prison.” A true sentiment, but not always one that has such a beautiful song attached.

This track is coming out on a full length called One Glove (har) which will be released as a digital download/magazine on Couple Skate in the fall. The whole thing was recorded by Erik Blood, who was also the engineer for Shabazz Palaces and TheeSatisfaction, which basically makes him Seattle royalty.