Same hiatus, new Stereolab album

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If an album falls in the hiatus forest, does it make a reuniony sound?

With the release of their twelveth LP Not Music on November 16, Stereolab doesn't seem to think so. Every one of Not Music's 13 tracks were recorded in 2007 during the same session as the band's eleventh album, Chemical Chords. In keeping with the band's two year self-imposed hiatus, Stereolab will not tour in support of the release.

Tim Gaine notes that the songs were built from “a series of about seventy tiny drum loops,” and as they became more fleshed out, the task became “slowing the tracks down or speeding them up,” so it's anyone's guess as to whether they will possess Chemical Chord's sound.

However, the odds of Not Music featuring sonorous horns and resplendent xylophones remain blissfully high.