Stream Elestial Sound’s 2015 Forecast Compilation

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It’s good to keep in touch. Annual compilations are like catch-up letters—people share what they’ve been up to and what they hope to be up to soon, and while it’s usually not radically different from what it was last time you spoke, it’s an intentional picture of how things have developed, a glimpse into a familiar world. For northeasterners, Elestial Sound’s Forecast compilation arrives like a Gainesville postcard received in the dead of New York winter. It makes us seriously reconsider our geographic orientation but mostly it’s encouraging, a reminder of a not-frozen universe, a world where “experimental” is not synonymous with harsh noise (not that harsh noise is a bad thing).

Highlights include smooth space-funk from Euglossine, an unreleased Levek demo from 2011, syrupy psychedelic dream-pop from Kane Pour, new projects from two MSNRA alums (Masune & Mariama), catchy soul pop from Maximino, and a hypnotizing tranquilized tropical opiate floater from Danny (Clifton, of Jane Jane Pollock). Beyond that the compilation is generally full of glitchy electro (ambient & danceable), deep psych groove, bright psychedelia, vivid colors, fluidity, movement, and other sounds that conjure the feeling of floating.

Elestial Sound is known for accompanying their musical projects with intricate visual art (often in collaboration with the Milagros art collective, as with the Church of Holy Colors). This time, along with the compilation, Elestial Sound is releasing a limited edition zine featuring 16 unique drawings inspired by the music, by artists Cody Wicker and Evan Galbicka.


01. Floating, “Ants”
02. Chromadadata, “3007”
03. Euglossine, “Strange Strain”
04. Cosmic Vitamins, “Hot Shot Burnout”
05. Masune, “It’s Tuff”
06. Kane Pour, “Coral Crayon”
07. Woset, “Time Waning”
08. J Albert, “Corinthian”
09. Poppet, “A Thousand Guys On Wheelz”
10. Piyojo, “Questionnaire”
11. Levek, “Jericho”
12. Ben Varian, “Lasko”
13. Maximino, “Escape
14. Mariama, “Fruits Of Joy”
15. Danny, “Orange Pink”
16. Andrew Downs, “Cascade”