Stream Godmode’s American Music compilation

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Godmode Records has put together a new cassette compilation, titled American Music, featuring an eclectic mix of 20 tracks, ranging from electronic and dance to experimental and noise. The track listing alternates in its progression from style to style, but is held together by an audible Velcro of electronic beats and synth sounds. Included on the compilation is Godmode’s biggest breakout hit, recent XL-signee Shamir, with a very cool dance track to close the album. Industrial duo Yvette have a new song on the comp, and drummer Dale Eisinger’s solo project Fissures also appears. The cover art for the compilation is almost as interesting as its tracklist—an all-caps, type-face, nostalgic monologue about a rowdy show, a hazy night, and the camaraderie of scene folk bonded by booze and brief glory.

Also included on the comp are:

Manikr, Isn’t Ours, Courtship Ritual, Fissures, Kill Alters, Montreal Sex Machine, Breeding Program, Excepter, The Present, Motion Studies, Puppy Cops, Shraf, Fasano, Malory, Fitness, Hand of God, Soft Lit.