Submit to the “RIP DIY” Group Photography Show

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New York-based photographer Nicki Ishmael is curating a group photography show honoring the lost but not forgotten closed DIY spaces of Brooklyn, NY. The show will be held at Cloud City in Brooklyn, highlighting the temporality of music spaces and the permanence of music communities. Anyone can submit up to 8 images, with no submission fee, given that the photographs are printed, framed, and no larger than 11 by 14 inches. Ishmael is accepting interior or exterior images of now closed DIY spaces including but not limited to Death By Audio, Glasslands, 285 Kent, Dead Herring, Original Silent Barn, Market Hotel, Monster Island, Breaker Breaker, The Shank, Right Bank, and Woodser. The curator asks for all photographs to be submitted by February 4th (tomorrow).

If you can’t participate as an artist, visit Cloud City for the Opening Reception of RIP DIY Group Photography Show on March 5th or any subsequent showing until the 15th. If you have any questions or if you would like to submit photographs of your most missed DIY shows, contact Nicki Ishmael at