The Avalanches go redux instead of forward

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We could have placed the news of The Avalanches' “Since I Left You” (Sterolab Remix) in our Pulse section, but it's not '02. We could have announced the deluxe reissue of Since I Left You in our Just Heard section. Hell, we could have been sincere, labeling the remix in our Love section. But it's far more fun to be sincere dicks and call The Avalanches a bunch of aussie Old Dudes.

Since I Left You is one of the Aughts' finest achievements, going down under the radar to break 32,000 sample laws – rough estimate. Rumors surrounding the sophomore follow-up by The Avalanches range from high tides of album art featuring a pot of gold to low tides of endless beach with combers burrying their heads in the sand in defeat. Since I Left You is nearing a decade in age, which makes it a fine time to celebrate its legacy with a deluxe reissue, but also reminds us that our distress calls for a follow-up continue to go unanswered. Listen old dudes in The Avalanches, we watched a generation before us whine and moan about Portishead. The generation before them had Axel Rose. Don't make us refer to you in bitter scorn as the band that caused history to repeat itself – I don't wanna wait for our lives to be over….

The deluxe reissue of Since I Left You features a bonus disc of remixes by MF Doom, El Guincho, Canyons, Jackson and His Computer Band and Black Dice.