The Personal Experience of Surveillance at the Tribeca Film Festival

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The Personal Experience of Surveillance is a surveillance-centered story-telling series that happens at art spaces around New York. It aims to make the ripple effects of surveillance more palpable and more human, by providing a platform where panels of speakers can share their personal stories related to being spied on. “For those of us who have been ensnared in moments of powerful, unlawful, and mistaken surveillance in the past 15 years and forced to be quiet about the experience,” the official website reads, “these discussions create an opportunity to re-examine those moments and tell our stories together alongside other people who have experienced the same.”

Previous installments have happened at The Silent Barn and NEW INC, and now Kunal Gupta and Julia Lipscomb are bringing the project to the Tribeca Film Festival, for an open discussion this Thursday, April 16 at 3pm. The discussion will be held at the Do Not Track Data Literacy Bar. This conversation in particular aims to build an “inclusive, shared reflection of the deep and unspoken impacts of electronic surveillance that we now live within.” It’s a free event, and walk-ins are welcome. More info here.

Watch a video from a previous installment of The Personal Experience of Surveillance below.