Today in music legends

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These two particular music legends are so important to everything we do here at Impose that I wanted to touch base with these developments in their careers.

Yoko Ono just celebrated her 79th (!) birthday at Le Poisson Rouge in NYC complete with a performance from her now-polished Plastic Ono Band, playing all the hits. While she was there, she installed an incredible piece that is taking over the venue with thousands of live vines, wrapped around the lighting grid and the black pillars in the center of the room. Since, of course, there is no sun in the room, the installation is short-lived; it will only be up for one week. It's called “Wish Tree”, and like most Ono installations it comes with instructions: “Make a wish. Write it down on a piece of paper. Fold it and tie it around a branch of a wish tree. Ask your friend to do the same. Keep wishing. Until the branches are covered with wishes.” Here's some photos of the piece.

In other news, according to FACT Mag, John Peel's legendary music collection is being turned into an “interactive online museum”. The incredible collection, which contains 25,000 LPs, 40,000 singles, and thousands of CDs, will be recreated by a new media project of the BBC and England's Art Council called “The Space”, and made available to the public to listen to, along with Peel's original annotations and new interviews with featured artists. This is so obviously what the man would have wanted that it almost brings a tear to our eye.