Tonight: Friends With Benefits

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People seem to like our Friends With Benefits series so much that we have decided it was time to make it a live event. Starting tonight at 8pm, we will be featuring some of our favorite writers, musicians, artists, and comedians to get up on stage at Bruar Falls by giving them eight minutes to tell a tale—be it total b.s. or the brutal truth—about their lives.

For our first installment we put together this lineup of unique storytellers:

Jeffrey Lewis: The anti-folk star and comic book artist is no stranger to the written format of Friends With Benefits. And since we dug the piece he did for us so much, we asked him to come to Bruar Falls.

Dave Hill: Not only do we think Dave is one of the funniest guys on the planet, but he has contributed to the New York Times, Huffington Post, and This American Life. He's also in the band Valley Lodge

Chris Leo: Like Dave, Chris is one of those guys who does everything better than most people. He's in The Van Pelt and The Lapse, and he's written three books, the latest of which, Feathers Like Leather, currently heading to it's second print at Heartworm Press.

Pepi Ginsberg: Ms. Ginsberg is a singer/songwriter with a serious emphasis on the “writer” part. She has a new album coming up on Park the Van Records.

Alicia Jo Rabins: Alicia spends some of her time playing fiddle in the klezmer punk band Golem, and the rest of it in Girls in Trouble

All that for only five clams. Stay tuned for more info.