We Are Loud Whispers, “Western Town”

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We Are Loud Whispers

Some might think large bodies of water and language barriers are severe obstacles, hurdles near impossible to overcome without assistance or determination. This is true in most instances, but this is not the case with We Are Loud Whispers. We Are Loud Whispers is a musical collaboration featuring Sonya Westcott of Arthur & Yu and Ayumu Haitani of 4 Bonjour’s Parties. The Pacific Ocean has done little to stop Westcott (of Seattle) and Haitani (of the Japanese island Saitama) from producing wonderful music together.

Corresponding via email, the two bounced ideas off each other for their new LP Suchness, to be released May 7 through Hardly Art Records. “Western Town” is the first single released off the Suchness LP. It is a dense electronic track, seductively textured and handsomely layered. The samples are subtle and satisfying and Westcott's voice is sweeter than pie. Keep your fingers crossed for an upcoming tour.

Stream “Western Town” below in our player.