Weirdos Talibam! & Sam Kulik Make an Opera

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Talibam!, noted weirdos, are looking to trip you out. Whether it's with more than thirty minutes of improv-jazz freakouts, intergalactic love songs (tongue FIRMLY in cheek), or slapstick pop ditties, Talibam! tend to hit their listeners right in the gut – with nitrous oxide. Their newest project is just as weird, hilarious, and thought provoking: it's called Discover AtlantASS. Together with Sam Kulik, Talibam! have written a two-act opera that tells the story of a teenager who is brought to the city of Atlantis. Talibam! & Sam Kulik perform all the music and act as multiple characters in the project which is a parody response to the tragic Gulf of Mexico oil spill. Expect a sexual odyssey full of jazz, ocean-related jokes, and LOTS of “booty”. It's hard to resist making the pun.

If you go to the opera, you can also find a copy of all the music from Discover AtlantASS on CD with a thirty page comic book. Talibam! and Sam Kulik will be performing Discover AtlantASS from June 21 to July 1 at the Incubator Arts Project in the Saint Mark's Church-in-the-Bowery.