Xperimental Love Fest at Roulette

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I've only officially celebrated Valentines Day one time in my life. It was highschool and my boyfriend told me he had a present for me. We went to a greasy diner for lunch where he reached into his pocket and pulled out three packs of gum and gave them to me. I'm not kidding. He said it was a more romantic choice than chocolates because I was always asking him for gum. I'm all for being non-traditional, but I don't think gum really cuts it.

Luckily in this day an age other people are coming up with new ways to celebrate this manufactured Hallmark holiday. Roulette, the new innovative venue located in Brooklyn that showcases contemporary music, is putting on five days of multimedia shows as part of its Xperimental Lovefest, from Feburary 14 to 18. Each night will feature preformances that mix video art and live experimental music. On St. Valentine's Day proper, just to be sweet, the first 50 audience members will recieve a complimentary meringue in conjuction with a screening of Terri Hanlon's Meringue Diplomacy which explores the work of French chef Antonin Carême.

The festival also features video and music performances from a wide variety of Impose's favorite New York artists, including Greg Fox, Hubble, Sam Mickens, MV Carbon with C. Spencer Yeh, Eyebodega, Grasshopper, and one more artist that rules but we can't announce yet. You'll just have to trust us. A full schedule of preformances is below, along with a trailer for Meringue Diplomacy.

Festival passes are $35 and can be purchased here. Tickets for each night are $10 and can be purchased individually on Roulette's event page.


FEB 14:

Terri Hanlon's Meringue Diplomacy featuring David Behrman, Gisburg & Eric Barsness

The Chutneys: Fast Forward, Chris Cochrane & Gelsey Bell

FEB 15:

Gabrielle Herbst

Jon Leland


FEB 16:

Loren Mazzacane Connors

Jim Staley & Zeena Parkins

Sam Mickens' String Quartet

FEB 17:

Greg Fox


Metal Tongues (Elliot Bergman, Ben Vida, Ryan Sawyer)

FEB 18:

ESP TV taping hosted by Sam Mickens featuring:

Little Women


MV Carbon w/ C. Spencer Yeh

Amanda Long

(curated by Scott Kiernan and Victoria Keddie)