Parquet Courts’ Andrew Savage to Debut Solo Visual Art Exhibition

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Andrew Savage, Color Studies 2015, "Confession"

Andrew Savage is best known for his musical exploits, but the Parquet Courts frontman and the Dull Tools co-founder is also a dedicated visual artist. Having studied painting at the University of North Texas, Savage is responsible for most of Parquet Courts’ design work, including all their album art so far.

Savage will be showcasing screen prints created this year at his first ever solo exhibition, Color Studies 2015. Elaborating upon the name, he had this to say:

“I called the show Color Studies because I wanted to focus on colors that don’t appear in my palette often; you’ll find a lot of salmon pink and pastel colors — basically stuff I’ve been afraid to use because I wasn’t quite sure how.”

This news follows photos of Parquet Courts in the studio, raising speculation about new music from the band.

Color Studies 2015 will be open from July 10 until September 1 at The Shop in Brooklyn.