Pet Rescue Celebrated Its 5th Anniversary

Words & Photos: Mike Petzinger

Every so often I will notice that it seems like I am cursed to never get to certain venues. Whenever show comes up that I want to cover at said venues, something else will inevitably pop up in the way. Be it a wedding gig, playing a show of my own, or family stuff – it happens like clockwork reminiscent of the bad luck that befell the Powerplant softball team on that old Simpsons episode. Oddly enough Shea Stadium was one of those spots for me for a while. And until a couple weeks ago Pet Rescue was another.

I very happily broke the streak and got to a show at Pet Rescue a couple weeks ago, and returned this past Friday for the second of their 5th Year Anniversary shows. The bill featured a ton of great local Brooklyn acts, including an EP release for Dryclean.

Overall it was a great time befitting a DIY venue’s 5th anniversary – and that is no small miracle in New York City these days. Happy Anniversary to Pet Rescue.


Phil From Accounting

Plaid Dracula


Shelter Dogs

The Black Black

The Sharp Shadows