Ben Greenberg and Open Mike Eagle open their hearts

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This week on the Audio Imposition, we pull double duty interviewing Open Mike Eagle, Impose's Rapper Of The Year for 2013, on the eve of his tour with Hellfyre Club and Ben Greenberg of The Men, Hubble, and a million other bands.

Open Mike Eagle talks to us about his love of professional wrestling, reveals his three favorite writers (one of whom was a complete shock to us), discusses tour coping mechanisms, how writing on the couch differs from writing in a van, where he got his performance style from, and what superhero team he envisions Hellfyre Club as.

Then, we speak to Ben Greenberg who talks to us about how seeing AC/DC on PBS was his gateway into music, his history as a musician, the process of writing with The Men versus other acts, his history and philosophy of recording engineering and producing rock acts, trying to sneak into venues at age 13, touring as a teenager, his life long friendship and working relationship with Tia Vincent-Clark, the driving inspiration behind Pygmy Shrews abrasive sound, and he plays a handful of tracks which inspired him but also which he's worked on.

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CRASHprez & _hitmayng – Aaron McGruder
milo, Open Mike Eagle, Nocando and Busdriver – Honest(y)

Pygmy Shrews – Catheter
The Men – Water Babies
Hubble – A Long Way From Home

The Laughing Hyenas – Everything I Want
Ukiah Drag – ??? (unreleased)
Television – The Dreamer's Dream

National Pro Wrestling Day (sadly the replay appears to be disabled but just a quick search for Estonian Thunderfrog will give you the right idea)
Hellfyre Club's Dorner Vs Tookie Tourdates