Halloween in August

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This week, Eric got a little creepy and it’s probably all because of Slum of Legs.  This episode, Eric plays a lot of spoOoOoOoOoOoky music and totally mispronounces Baudelaire (twice!).

The photo?  That’s just how he normally dresses.

No Peace, “Waste”
Gouge Away, “Chemical X”
Baja Blatz, “Fuck Street Harassment”
Go Deep, “Glossectomy”
Arkham, “Kelly Thomas”

Institute, “Giddy Boys”
Mannequin Pussy, “Meat Slave 2”
Sleeptalker, “I’m Haunting”
Club De Surf, “Show Me How To Play Noise”
Melkbelly, “Newed Snow”
Eula, “Orderly”
Slum of Legs, “Begin to Dissolve”
Froth, “Alberto”

Numb Bats, “To Die”
S.B.S.M., “Is This How The Party Ends?”
Los Cripis, “All My Friends Are Dead”
Prison, “Plague”
Vinyl Cape, “Notes From Baudelaire”

Uncommon Nasa, “This Bodega (Is Trying to Kill Me) (w/ Elucid)”