Imposition 3: The Domination

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ninja 3

This week on the Audio Imposition, Eric takes a brief break from the holy triumvirate of punk/noise/house and delves into some recent hip hop, r&b, and uh Italian Horror Soundtracks (those cats can get surprisingly funky). But because Eric can’t help himself, he also dishes out a few punk songs at the end.

Have you heard the good word about Ninja 3: The Domination?

“Money in My Pocket” by Meyhem Lauren
“Killer Mike – Saks Fifth” by DJ Scream
“in the sea” by froyo ma
“GOD BLESS ME REMIX bnymix1normx” by Wiki
“No Reservations” by Oddisee
“One For Falafel King” by Jesse Futerman
“Take It Easy” by Conducta
“The Brooklyn Sun” by Polly A.
“The Occupation” by Novelty Daughter
“Next To Me” by Clayton William x Jonn Hart
“さすらいのギター” by Reiko Ike
“Rosso Sangue” by Pieces OST
“Tenebre” by Simonetti Morante Pignatelli
“Untitled 1” by Soul Glo
“MACHISMO” by Body Pressure