Myles Manley Shares Favorite Tracks to Celebrate "Relax; Enjoy Your Night Upon The Town"

Post Author: Meredith Schneider

On the heels of his critically acclaimed single “Relax; Enjoy Your Night Upon The Town“, the multi-talented Myles Manley is ready to kick things into gear. Today, he presents us with a variety of his favorite songs right now. Take a gander, and use these songs to relax. And enjoy your night upon the town.
Strength NIA, “I Like Compressions”

“Great catchy and weird minimal pop music from Derry, so fun live! Positive and calm. I am doing 4 gigs with them in the next month — Belfast, Bucrania, Derry and Dublin.”

“This band don’t exist anymore and all they left us was this sub cult hit but they get a mention on any list of Irish artists from me from now til the end. The Cranberries of post-apocalyptic Irish DIY HAHA.”
Twin Headed Wolf

“A pair of weirdo twins from Co. Clare. For anyone that doesn’t know, the west of Ireland is the real Ireland.”

“I saw these for the first time in a while at the Quarter Block Party in Cork last weekend, they are fun! They mock all the men in the audience which I can partake in as I am effeminate.”
Tongue Bundle

“I dunno how they work out these songs jeez. Delicious!
Cal Folger Day

“This is an American woman who moved to Ireland for some reason, foolish. Doing things like making pop operas (poperas) out of Djuna Barnes plays at the minute but here are a couple of poppy songs.”
Jinx Lennon

“He is an absolutely brilliant and singular punk poet from Dundalk. Class clown of 79. He has a lot of recorded stuff which is good but live is where it’s at in my opinion, cheering up!”
Cat Palace 

“David Blaney was the drummer in my band for my last EP ‘more songs’. I also had Tom from Trumpets of Jericho on bass and so I was comfortably 3rd best singer in my own group. This is his band Cat Palace who have an album coming out soon, they are good but don’t tell him I said so OK??”

“This is Elaine Howley who is a wonderful singer in the band The Altered Hours, along with Roslyn Steer and Irene Buckley. It is kind of eerie ambient songwriting?? It’s very striking live, a black hole. They don’t seem to have much stuff recorded yet but it’s ONE 2 Watch for you now.”
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