Talking the government shutdown and the “other green” with Edward-Isaac Dovere and Colleen Green

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colleen green

On this week's episode of Nothing Urgent, it's possible that we willed anarchy into existence. Only two episodes prior, we hashed out what the country would look like if we were able to live blissfully without government, and fulfilling that prophecy barely two weeks later, we've got a government shutdown. Clairvoyant though we may be, we asked Edward-Isaac Dovere, senior White House Correspondent for POLITICO, to come on the show and tell us what this means in terms of the budget crisis and in regards to Obamacare. Our trusty hosts, Derek Evers and Christopher Robbins, maintain that they will not be affected and that the green couch will always protect them. Later on the show, we talk to musician Colleen Green about sexist remarks and her favorite kind of green, the one that isn't in her last name.

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