Springtime With Wild Domestic

Post Author: Impose Automaton

Springtime brings with it the good and the bad. Mostly the good, but we’ve been reflecting on the allergy spells, the tornadic weather in the midwest, a mess of weather issues all across the U.S., and adjusting to life post-Inauguration. We need to pull our heads back up. And Wild Domestic is going for the gold with putting us in an amazing mood with this fun Friday Night Mix. Enjoy!

1.“Queen” by Perfume Genius is one of those slow build songs. It’s got so much power behind it and it drives.
2.“Crystalised” by The xx is one of those songs that describes me.  It’s the perfect blend of electronic and actual instrumentation, plus I like how playfully serious it is.
3.“Bubblegum” by Kevin Devine is just fun. I love the punk vibe, with great pop melody.  Also, that chorus/bridge is one of the best I have heard in awhile.
4.“Girlfriend is Better” by the amazing Talking Heads makes me want to move until I am dead.  Nothing better than David Byrne’s weird vocals and lyrics! (I mean weird in such a good way!!)
5.“We Exist” by Arcade Fire is similar to the Talking Heads song, in that it makes me want to move.  It also has a very great lyric message about equality.
6.I had a hard time choosing which one of my Wild Domestic songs to include on this playlist, but I decided on “New Year, New Me”, because it kind of has that Kanye vibe, with swelling lyric and musical energy.  
7.“Gun” by CHVRCHES is fast paced electronic, and I love Lauren Mayberry’s voice.
8.“Mt. Diablo” from The Story So Far gives us that Warped Tour vibe, which gets me ready for spring and summer.
9.“33 “God” is from Bon Iver’s new album, 22. A Million and it really stuck out to me the first time I listened through it.  I love the ethereal vocals and lyrics, and then those drums that slam in halfway through.
10.“Vertigo” by Mini Mansions does something well that a lot of people try and never get close to.  This song is not only really great and modern, but also manages to be vintage.  Also, Alex Turner from Arctic Monkeys is featured, and that’s a plus as well!
11.“Ride” by Twenty One Pilots ends the list.  I became a very big Twenty One Pilots fan over the last year, and this is one of my favorite songs.  It’s super catchy and just fun.
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