Talya Cooper invites us to her Household and teaches us In School

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Eric and Edwina RETURN with the first Audio Imposition of the new year with guest Talya Cooper, guitarist and lead singer of punk (?) band Household and bassist of hardcore (!) band In School. We discuss our New Year’s eve, the genesis of Household and In School, influences, the growth of a nationwide decentralized female lead and female friendly scene, the AMAZING Beyond Inversion comp, Grass Widow, Neo Boys, Neonates, the importance of diversity in punk and MORE.

Next week, we will feature rapper, promoter, labelhead and man about town Uncommon Nasa and we’ll discuss why Orange is the new Rap.

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Signor Benedick The Moor – Now Playing: Flight of the Flightless Birds: American Beauty Part Two
MeLo-X – 4. 9-5 Killa (Feat. MeLo-X)
!llmind – Snake Charmer
Mute Speaker – Taken Apart
Fanu – Hop and Bass
Lee Bannon – Resorectah
Dog Day – Sandwich
Some Ember – Wave of Fear, Wave of Joy
The Bad Doctors – AC
Speedy Ortiz – American Horror
Household – In Smoke
Household – Our Song
Household – Calculations
Household – The Way Things Are
In School – Conquest
Hysterics – Psychic Drain
Perfect Pussy – Advance Upon The Real
Good Throb – Torture Garden
The Rats – Browen Wire Telephone
Olivia Neutron-John – death/tango
Household – Eras Repeat (demo)
Kate Fagan – I don’t Wanna Be Too Cool