SPORTS, “The Washing Machine”

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Ohio’s power-pop band SPORTS’ latest release “The Washing Machine” offers a high-energy blitz laced with reflective, playful and honest song-writing. In a sparkly-pop ballad with bouncy guitar licks, SPORTS tackles everything from the daily-task of washing your laundry to outgrowing a spiraling relationship. “The Washing Machine” is an energetic track that carries the impressive ear for noisy-pop melodies seen on their first full-length release Sunchokes. Based of “The Washing Machine” and “Saturday,” SPORTS’ sophomore full-length, All of Something, carries a similar wave of wry observation and explication of feelings.

Singer Carmen Perry’s lyrical sweet-song words are both self-aware and deliberate as she yowls “Will you stay with me / I’m having trouble breathing / This is not my life.” The song builds from a quiet, sentimental start to a coda offering a Radiator Hospital style of cathartic verbose and melodic sensibilities. A potent ending to the song carries heavy drums and lo-fi fuzz guitar sounds that creates a infectious joy. Like the best pop punk, “Washing Machine” is emotionally direct with a sense of playful earnestness that sticks to your ears like gum. SPORTS carry delightful and catchy melodies while projecting their fears, broken-relationships, and anxieties of shrinking your favorite dress in the washer.

Stream the song below via Rookie, and check out their interview with Perry!

All of Something is out October 30 via Father/Daughter Records.