After apology, what does Alex Rodriguez do next?

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Alex Rodriguez apologized to fans for his full-season suspension last year in a handwritten note posted to social media.


So now that A Rod has tried to bury the hatchet and move on with his baseball career what should he do? We have a couple of suggestions:

Retire and open up a handwriting academy

I mean, his handwriting isn’t the greatest out there, but it really is a lost art. Maybe this note spurs the renaissance of handwritten notes. It sure would increase his likeability in the eye’s of moms and grandmas out there. Leave no market unturned Alex!

Make it up to non-Yankees fans by continuing to be a Yankee, but be really bad

You don’t just owe one team you owe an apology to, you owe all of them. Go ahead and strike out four times in a game on purpose, and maybe, just maybe, we’ll vote for you in an All Star game.

Become an enemy of new MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred

Lean into your ability to be a heel for the head office and go after the new guy. He already seems humorless and with ideas of such crankiness that he makes Bud Selig seem progressive. Turning into the bad guy works so well in wrestling, take a chance!

Distract everyone by wearing this outfit again


Quit the Yankees and join the Mets

C’mon. You know you want to.