The season in Kyle Busch

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Kyle Busch riding a go kart

This may sound biased coming from a known fan of the 18 Car, but I think anyone will agree that as far as this season in NASCAR gossip goes, Kyle Busch is king. Ever since he started dominating, Kyle's been somewhat of a mustache-twirling olde-tymey villain, what with his bowing amidst a chorus of boos and whatnot. Carl Edwards may lead the Sprint Cup points race, but Kyle Busch is No. 1 in controversy. Here are the highlights of this crazy season:

01. Kyle Busch Pisses off Kevin Harvick at Darlington
On May 7 shit got real at Darlington, the track that is “Too Tough To Tame.” After the 18 caused the 29 to spin out late in the race, totally “by accident” (of course!) Kevin Harvick was pissed and wanted to confront Kyle on Pit Road. Some weird maneuvering occurred, until Harvick had enough and straight up got out of his car and let Busch have it, before Kyle crashed the empty 29 into the wall. Both drivers were fined $25,000 and put on probation for four races.

02. Kyle Busch Gets Pulled Over For Speeding
On May 24 Kyle Busch got in trouble off the track when he was stopped for going 128 mph on a 45 mph road in North Carolina. He reportedly got a little carried away testing a new sports car. You know what I say? That's what you get for doing your job when you're not at work! Leave it at the office, Kyle! But, to be fair, at 128 he probably felt like he was going pretty slow. I bet the cops wouldn't have been so upset if they had found Dale Earnhardt Jr. speeding in a sports car, they'd actually probably be super psyched. Infamy's a bitch.

03. Kyle Busch Gets Punched in the Face by Some Old Dude
After the Camping World Truck Series race at Kansas on June 4, Richard Childress, owner of Richard Childress Racing, found Kyle behind his hauler, reportedly took off his watch, and punched Busch in the face three times. Busch is 26 years old. Richard Childress is 65. Childress was apparently mad that Busch had made contact with Childress driver Joey Coulter during the Truck Race. Let's be honest here… does Richard Childress (or anyone) really care that much about Truck Racing? Or was this more related to another Childress driver, Kevin Harvick. I mean, I'd never punch Kyle Busch (unless he wanted me to) but I'd much rather punch someone over Kevin Harvick than the fucking Truck Series, you know what I'm saying?