No Huddle Offense: The Best & Worst of NFL Week 10

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Week 10 saw the NFC put down major points, the AFC put up major question marks, and a quarterback hoping to get a second act. Spoiler alert: it doesn’t bode well. We’re into double-digit weeks and the playoffs are within sight, here’s a look at the best and worst of Week 10 in the NFL.

The Best

Taima, the Seattle Seahawks mascot

Just how pretty was the Seahawks 38-17 win over the Giants? So nice that their mascot took a well-deserved break to watch Marshawn Lynch rumble for 140 yards and four touchdowns. Russell Wilson actually had a shaky passing game, but had a nice game on the ground as the Seahawks rushing core had 350 yards between four players. As Taima showed, it was a good day for the aerial attack to rest.

Aaron Rodgers

Remember a couple weeks ago when Aaron Rodgers was doing his best Frankie Goes to Hollywood impression? Now only a LeBron James comparison would do him justice. Rodgers continues to rain down touchdowns on his opponents as he and the Packers put up 42 points in the first half against the Bears on Sunday night. Let me say that again: 42 points by halftime. The next morning the story out of Chicago was that Bears fans have started burning Jay Cutler jerseys. A burning effigy is always the best way to know you’ve provided a good divisional beating.

Cleveland Browns

Hey did you know the Browns are 6-3 and on top of the highly competitive AFC North? And that Brian Hoyer is their quarterback while Johnny Manziel is on the bench? No need to adjust your eyes (or brains), this season has been that weird. Hoyer is more steadying the ship than steering it, with only 10 touchdowns and four INTs, but with the running core of Ben Tate, Terrance West and Isaiah Crowell (all of whom scored TDs against the Bengals), the ideal scenario (a playoff birth) is now in their sights. And with three upcoming games against Houston, Atlanta and Buffalo, there will be no excuses (except Hoyer) or easy answers lying in wait (except Manziel) if the Browns revert back to being the Browns by December.

The Worst

Brock Osweilier

It must be pretty weird to be Peyton Manning’s backup quarterback. Like wasting time at your job because your boss is on vacation, Osweiler just hangs around and if he’s lucky, hopefully he can get some garbage time. Which is exactly what he thought as the Broncos took the field at the start of the fourth quarter, up 28 points against a team that hasn’t won a single game yet. But Peyton wanted to earn some more of that Papa Johns money and Brock showed his frustration. Just be happy you’ve still got health insurance unlike those part-time hacks making his pizza.

Carson Palmer

Palmer was hoping for a second act to his career after an injury led to a rough break-up with the Bengals. Now with the Cardinals, Palmer is putting up great numbers, leading the team to a league-best 7-1 record. This is probably where we should mention he also just signed a $50 million extension for three years, because in the first game after signing, he tore his ACL, leaving him out for the rest of the season. And since this is his second ACL tear, the rest of his career on the field is now being called into jeopardy. It’s truly heartbreaking for Palmer, who admitted he “cried like a baby” upon receiving the news.

The Pittsburgh Steelers

Only a couple weeks removed from hanging six touchdowns a night, the Stillers got rocked by the New York Jets—a team who couldn’t shoot straight if they were inches in front of a target. The Jets knocked Roethlisberger for two INTs and two sacks while keeping the running game to a measly total of 36 yards. While I was singing their praises last week, I have no reservations about rolling over the bandwagon with a great fury.

The Fighting Impositions


I felt really lucky that I was able to grab Carson Palmer as a free agent in the middle of the week and started him ready to rack up the points, but when I saw he only had five points I was confused. Then I saw the news of the game and Oh…

Jordy Nelson got me 27.20 points and Larry Fitzgerald nabbed another 11.20, but even if my opponent had mediocre numbers, without a quarterback, I was doomed.

What to watch for in Week 11

Buffalo at Miami on Thursday will decide if either team has a playoff future, and Denver at St Louis makes for some curiosity, depending on which Rams team shows up. The Philadelphia Eagles go to Green Bay as the two shades of green face off in what should be a fun aerial show to watch. The Colts host the New England Patriots, and even though the characters have changed, it’s also fun to see how these two get up to play each other.