Welcome to Sad Town, Population: Joel Embiid

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Joel Embiid

No seriously, what the hell? The Philadelphia 76ers announced yesterday that still-a-rookie center Joel Embiid has re-broken the right foot that kept him out of the entire 2014-15 season. On top of requiring surgery, the re-injury will keep him out all of the upcoming season as well.

To put it bluntly: This just stinks. Embiid was a top prospect coming out of Kansas two years ago, even though he broke his foot before entering the draft. The NBA has long, painful history of the problems facing big men and their feet. It was hoped that Embiid would be able to recover and join the raging dumpster fire in a basketball jersey that has become the 76ers, but alas, Embiid is doomed to sit on the sideline for yet another year.

The suffering of Embiid’s loss could be soothed if he were up to his usual antics on twitter, like when he pretended he was dating Rihanna, but the 76ers asked him to knock it off.

Speaking of what the 76ers are asking of people, in addition to having fans sit on their hands for yet another year in their mad scientist rebuilding process, they’re also asking the media and fans to believe them. Even with a shaky timeline of when and wheres that was exposed by Kevin Draper of Deadspin earlier this week.

Should we also mention that this is the same 76ers team that was fined $3 million during the offseason for not disclosing Jrue Holiday’s foot injury before trading him the to New Orleans Pelicans? Surrounding themselves with “Trust the Process” while deceiving the public has GM Sam Hinkie looking like he should be the next GOP candidate to open his bid for the White House.

This stinks for Philadelphia and its fans, but it reeks even more for Embiid, who probably wants nothing more than to play basketball, or at least have a good time on twitter, like any 21-year-old does. Cue Philadelphians to start pleading for amnesty from Hinkie.