Flasher return to NYC with new album Love Is Yours

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The Washington, D.C. band played their first show in three years at Baby’s All Right

Washington D.C. post-punk-rock duo Flasher dropped their second full-length album, Love Is Yours via Domino Recordings on June 17 and performed at Brooklyn’s Baby’s All Right on Saturday June 18th. The band is composed of guitarist and singer Taylor Mulitz and Emma Baker on drums and vocals. Love Is Yours is filled with standout tracks like “Sideways,” a giddy groove that leads as their strongest single on the record. Title track “Love is Yours” is filled with promising bass lines and a blissful chorus. “I Saw You” is new age-new wave. “All Day Long” is soft and contemplative. “Tangerine” is tactile and tart. And “Little Things” is a decree of Baker letting go, sent off sweetly with her vocals. Love is Yours is cohesive and collective as a whole, each song sounding and accenting similarly to one another. 

If there’s one thing above all to note about Flasher’s live performance, it’s the percussion. Between drums and drum machines accented with broadening bass lines, their discography is built on beats. Flasher’s show at Baby’s was their first in three years and while they did experience technical difficulties, they played it off, let the show go on and got it out of their system. For a band just returning to touring after a long layoff, there’s no doubt by the last leg of this tour they’ll be shredding on stage difficulty-free. 

Nathan Decena of Brooklyn captured the night at Baby’s using Polaroid photography and double exposure. Check out the whole gallery below and listen to Love Is Yours below.

All Photos by Nathan Decena