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Hi from Circuit des Yeux! I have a new EP out on Destijl Records called Ode To Fidelity that you can purchase here. With school out for the holidays, I've just been relaxing in my crappy basement bedroom, listening to theses choice tunes! Happy post-holidays, and enjoy.

Jonathan Halper, “Puce Moment” / “Leaving My Old Life Behind” / “I'm a Hermit”

I love everything about this video. I rented a Kenneth Anger compilation from the public library a few years back and fell in love! Researched, and supposedly these songs were written and appear only on “Puce Moment” and finding any sort of record by Halper is impossible. Too bad, such beautiful songs.

Pink Reason, “Cleaning the Mirror” / “Dead End”

I met Kevin when I was still a teen-bop in Lafayette. He and a friend Drew were both shoving records down my throat at a young age, which I am thankful for. Kevin and Tina (his wife) both helped book my first tour, and were crutial help in getting my music off the ground. A truly timeless and great record, and one of the most underrated artists of our times.

George Coleman, “Bongo Joe” / “I Wish I Could Sing”

Awesome record, by a really awesome label. I am a huge fan of Mississippi Records, their artwork is always so suiting and classy, such fantastic diversely cultural cuts. I hope one day I can actually use my degree in Ethnomusicology and archive music such as this.

Brainbombs, “Stigma of the Ripper” b/w “Street Cleaner” / “Street Cleaner”

The first record I ever purchased was the Brainbombs Cheap EP. My mom was super pissed, and I couldn't tell if it was supposed to be played on 45 or 33 for the first month. Anyway, love this band, and since there were no Youtubes of “I Wish I was Dead She Said”, I chose “Street Cleaner” because it's a kick ass song.

Ricardo Villalobos, “Alcachofa” / “Dexter”

I've always been a fan of minimalism when it comes to music, but my boyfriend really showed me the way with electronic music. I had assumed all electronic music was happy/party music, and I was totally wrong. My favorite song to walk home to in freezing cold. We tried to see him live in Detroit but he was denied access to the country. Guess Youtubes will have to do for now.

Sibylle Baer, “The Colour Green” / “Forget About”

“The Colour Green” has become a recent favorite. Such sad, humble, and great song writing. Humility is a rare thing to find in an artist these days. I have been playing this record non-stop for the past few months.

David Bowie, “The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spider from Mars” / “Starman”

May very well be my “most played” record that I own. Production values are amazing, the songs are unbeatable, and I have yet to know anyone that does not like this record. The man, the myth, the legend, sing along if you care.

Les Rallizes Denudes- “77' Live” / “Blind Baby Has Its Mother's Eyes” / “But I Was Different”

I heard the live sessions first, blew me away. I opted to buy the “Blind Baby Has Its Mother's Eyes” upon reissue. (For its production values, and I was not disappointed!) Favorite new buy at the moment, and boy, this band knows how to make the guitar cry.