Deaf Poets Tour Diary Part II

Post Author: Impose Automaton

Last week, Deaf Poets brought us part one of their tour diary. This little segment is actually really great, as we’re getting real time updates while they’re out on the road. So make sure you check their schedule to see if you’ll have your chance to witness them live!
New Orleans

New Orleans was so sick! We rolled into town with a severe storm but it cleared soon after we made our first stop at Willie Mae’s Scotch House. One of the best fried chicken we’ve ever had. We made our way to the French Quarter to kill some time before our show at The Hi Ho Lounge with Merkablah and StereoEater. While looking for parking, we spotted Reese Witherspoon walking to the left of our car (super random). Once the sun started going down, all the street performers came out and it felt like every bar was hosting live music. It’s awesome to see so many artists out and about and people enjoying their craft. Before we left the area, we headed to Cafe Du Monde for the famous beignets. We had a great time performing in New Orleans. Everyone was very welcoming and shoutout to Merkablah for hosting us at night.

We had an eight-hour drive, so we rode out to Texas early in the morning with time for one stop before the show. The most important stop in this ENTIRE tour was Green Mesquite BBQ!! Realizing this is more of a food diary (haha) but these two cities are notorious for their food so we had to take advantage. We performed at Spider House Cafe with Fly Coco, Wildera (LA) and locals Ballerino. Thanks to the servers and booker, Rachel and Adrienne for their help and support. We met an artist named Jason who creates posters for rock shows. He’s made poster for Frank Zappa and Neil Young to name a few – check him out!

Immediately after our Austin show we drove out to Dallas. Our good friend Phil hosted us for our two night stay. Before our show at The Prophet Bar w/ MNKR, Band Nerd and Wildera, there was a very important soccer game that I needed to watch. Unfortunately my dear Boca Juniors lost to longtime rivals, Riber Plate. Nothing like playing drums right after your team loses to clear your mind haha. The show was great! The room filled up during our set and the crowd was very responsive. Definitely stopping in Dallas next time around. After the show we explored Elm street where some of the best music venues are located. Coincidentally, Phil Anselmo from Pantera was performing at Trees with Superjoint. We had a few beers with our friend Diego and Charles from Miami before heading back to Phil’s where the night became a blur.

We had our first TV appearance on Good Day New Mexico (KOB-TV), which will air at a later time. Everyone on set was incredible and extremely friendly and professional. Shout out to Casey, Dan and the filming crew. We did a brief interview and recorded four songs from our new record, “Lost in Magic City”. We sometimes stumble during interviews haha, but we pulled it off!
On this day, we also released our new music video for “Are You DP” directed by Dom and produced by Stephanie PL. Check it out on Youtube!
The show was by far one of the most burdensome of this tour so far. We performed at Burt’s Tiki Lounge with three locals. We were two songs deep into our set and the fire alarm went off, causing the power to shut off and the fire department to show up. Amid the commotions the sound guy told us that it was a malfunction while the fire department told us the alarm was pulled. One of the bands posted a picture in front of the fire truck with the caption “The set was so fire that someone had to pull the alarm…” So who’s to say what really went down with the alarm, but it was a very strange situation. Once we began our set, the bottom head on my snare broke so I had one less drum to work with, adding insult to injury. We want to thank Red Mesa, for being rad and super supportive.

On our way to Phoenix we spotted a plethora of road signs pointing to Bowlin’s Flying C Ranch. OMG it was a wonderland of things you’ll never need!! They have anything from knifes, statues, stuffed animals and our favorite, fireworks! We stocked up on a few firecrackers for safe keep. In their website they describe the place as such: “Flying C Ranch is not a real “working” ranch, but is a tremendous place to stop for a spell when traveling though the vast expanse of New Mexico.”

We performed two thirty minute sets at Tavern on the Creek. We had a badass fan called Apache come see us play after he found us online. The crowd was very responsive and happy to have Garage Rock in their neck of the woods. Shout out to Patrick for the hook up! We spent the night in a very questionable motel where Sean dropped his toothbrush on the carpet and rinsed it out. In my opinion he should’ve burned it. As of right now we are not sharing any drinks.

During the day we took care of all our chores and spent the afternoon at Chapparel Park where Sean treated us to spaghetti with tomato sauce. During our spaghetti and PBR infused afternoon, we did a phone interview for WRGP, FIU’s student radio. We had a blast talking about tour life and the new record. We headed to Shady Park to share the stage w/ Masteroid, Ancient Egypt and Andy Warpigs. Before our set, I went exploring in the area and found myself on top of a cliff that oversees the entire city. Incredible view! The show was sick! Everyone had a great set and everyone in the place seemed to have had a great time. Thanks to all the bands for hosting us and we can’t wait to come back to this town.
At the end of the night we took out some of the fireworks we purchased. While we waited yet again for Whataburger, we heard the news of Chris Cornell’s passing. We sat there quietly in shock. What a musical legend who will truly be missed, thanks for all that you’ve done for grunge music and paving the way for bands like us to do what we do. RIP.