Fickle Friends Talk Constant Touring, Recent Success, and Dream Collaboration

Brighton’s indie pop collective Fickle Friends – comprised of Natassja Shiner (vocals, keyboard), Sam Morris (drums), Harry Herrington (bass, backing vocals), Chris Hall (lead guitar), and Jack Wilson (keyboards) – have been making a name for themselves across the UK, playing countless festivals and shows everywhere. Their music is catchy as all hell, and they are endlessly quirky and fun. We got the very unique experience to ask them a few questions.

What’s your official origin story?

We all met at music school, bit cliché I know. But we actually ended up being awful students and spending most of our time on the road, finishing essays in dressing rooms….or dropping out : / But here we are….and I don’t think they hate us anymore ha!

What was the earliest record you can remember leaving a lasting influence on you?

Oh wow, I think it’s Abba Gold. I stole that CD from my mum’s collection and absolutely played it to death. Knew all the words to every song. That band made me fall in love with undeniable pop bangers!

How do you stay inspired to continually create new music?

Everything inspires us. We’re very lucky in the fact we get to travel a lot and meet new people….watch endless movies…attend any gig we want to… Read in the back of the van. In fact…when we are on tour we don’t get to write much so we’re absolutely gagging to write when we get home (Like right now). Everyone experiences creative droughts. But being so busy means it happens a lot less.

What sort of cohesion, or togetherness, has been forged in your time together?

I mean…It’s just kinda been forced upon us and luckily we don’t loathe each other yet. Spending months on end with each other and no-one else really…just feels like our little family. We all have our roles…there’s the responsible parents…the bickering kids etc. It’s not really something I can accurately describe….it’s weird and cool ha.

When a track like “Swim” takes off, getting a million plays on SoundCloud, how does that influence your work going forward?

It was completely unexpected, but it became the boost of excitement we needed to realize that this band could work. That feeling of buzz at the time was awesome….nothing like it. We owe so much to that song…most importantly out booking agent. We toured relentlessly and built a fan base and that in turn has lead us to where we are now.

Having toured all over the place this fall, what’s it like, being a musical nomad of sorts?

I actually love it. I hate being in one place for too long…I get bored and ache for new experiences and new people. Then again it really makes you appreciate coming home and just switching off and winding down for a few days.

“Brooklyn” recently came out, to a great deal of support. What’s the ideal state of mind for a new listener connect with it?

I think it’s for anyone looking for a pick-me-up. We wrote it at a tough time for the band where we were experiencing a lot of anxiety and worry. And Brooklyn is sort of the remedy.

What’s your dream collaboration?

Can we bring Michael Jackson back?

With 2017 right around the corner, what’s in the pipeline?

Aside from finally putting our record out? ha. We’re hoping to head to the states to play some shows for sure. There’s talk of more touring…some exciting festival appearances. We shall see…nothing is set in stone yet.

Anything else you’d like to add, for our readers?

People should go and check out the new video we’ve released for Brooklyn. We did what we’ve always wanted and made a dance video. It’s totally LA and 90’s hipster cool. I think ya’ll like it 😉 x


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