Future Islands and the Best Year Ever

Post Author: Derek Evers
Future Islands

In addition to the well-deserved exposure and heaps of critical and commercial acclaim The Late Show With David Letterman afforded Future Islands last March, it also came with bathroom privileges. The band wouldn’t enjoy such luxury two weeks later as they prepared to close out our Friday Night Austin Imposition on a stage that would have a hard time fitting all of their gear. The entirety of the sold-out, 250-capacity venue seemed to be in line for the toilet, and Sam Herring took IMPOSE’s offer to take his portrait outside as an opportunity to find a bush. 

Herring ducked into a dark alley next to the venue, and in the interest of modesty, we turned around to face a house party across the street, “Hell’s Bells” cutting through the crisp Texas air. “They’re listening to AC/DC!” laughed the man who just a few days earlier had given a career-changing performance in front of millions of people. Herring briefly sung the refrain and audibly zipped up his fly before heading back inside to sing for a few hundred fans. “Wooo!”