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Now for some Selections.

Toy Love, Toy Love

Some of the melodies on this one are almost like a nursery rhyme, and then there's the insanity of Chris Knox's voice and lyrics in contrast. The second half starts to get a bit boring when all of a sudden “Pull Down The Shades” comes up and makes you think the previous songs were deliberately boring. Haha. Nice try.

Tactics, My Houdini

Just bad ass songs with lots of cool gimmicks. They mess with rhythm changes, use horns and a piano. The singer sounds like a snotty little brat, which I like.

The Homosexuals, Astral Glamour

This is actually the 3-CD-Box-Set-Anthology-Thing they put out a few years back. I have to admit that I only care for the first CD. These guys managed to squeeze more melodies and hooks into a single song than other bands did on whole albums. It's like little kids going nuts in a candy store. There are tons of little, weird effects and unconventional song structures. They really tried to push some boundaries but write great pop songs at the same time. And it worked.

Tiger Trap, Tiger Trap

I JUST LOVE Rose Melberg's voice! She could sing about Nazi Zombies fighting Dragons in a Submarine or something, whatever, I wouldn't mind. I just wanna jump on my bed and sing along to “Word and Smiles” every time I hear it. It's silly, I know. This could be the soundtrack to Gilmore Girls too, if Gilmore Girls was, uh… cool.

The Beatles, Abbey Road Medley

I guess it's because of my short attention span that I think those songs have the perfect length. Maybe they were just too lazy and too fed up with each other to work out “real songs” but to me the 10 minutes from “Mean Mr. Mustard” to “Her Majesty” are the best 10 minutes the Beatles ever recorded.