Hotline releases the new single "Anywhere Else"

Post Author: Virginia Croft

Melancholic and reflective, Hotline leaves behind a haze of delirium and sleepy eyes in the wake of their latest creation, “Anywhere Else.” Like something out of another universe, the lo-fi grunge rock is dreamily distant, providing a warm blanket to crawl into and hide away from the roughness of the world.

The Brooklyn based trio, comprised of Guitarist/vocalist Mike Zorrilla, bassist Mike Kirby (formerly collaborators in dream-poppers Tiger Dare) and drummer Ian Vidaurre brew log-cabin cozy tracks with heavy shoegaze influences– think Day Wave meets My Bloody Valentine. “Anywhere Else” is steeped in ethereal riffs and nostalgic vocals, leading into a sneak peek of what’s to come on Hotline’s upcoming EP, 10am.
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