Bonfire Nights Share Video For "Heart's To Blame", Teach Us How to Quit Your Day Job and Be In a Band

Post Author: Impose Automaton

On the heels of the success from their debut album Entopica Phenomica comes the beautiful new video for “Heart’s To Blame” by London’s psych quartet Bonfire Nights. An ethereal esthetic, the video showcases a woman dressed in flowy clothing on the beach. In fact, it was shot on the Isle of Benbecula in Scotland with no one else around, and presents us with the visually underrated beauty that the Benbecula coastline provides. With the mid-tempo track and enchanting vocals crooning in the background, this video and its accompanying song just might be art at its finest. (But who are we?)
In honor of the video, the band wanted to give our fans something they’d actually benefit from. So quit your day job and be in a band, with advice from Bonfire Nights below!

1. Hand in your resignation notice (or take sabbatical or get fired – we each had our individual approach to this).
2. Sublet your flat in London, as you can no longer afford the ridiculous rent (due to Step One).
3. Use your life savings to buy a family car, cram said car with all your worldly possessions and musical instruments.
4. Get ready to drive out of London, but your car battery goes flat, so sit in the gutter waiting for the AA to come along (you can’t go back to your flat, you don’t live there anymore). Question your life choices.
5. Finally, the AA arrives. Get a new battery for the car. Drive out of London like a bat out of hell. Put your foot to the floor to escape the gravitational force of the city.
6. Spend the first night out of town sleeping on a relative’s floor, because you have no money. Wake up stinking of booze/cigarettes. Jump back in the car, keep gunning it up the motorway.
7. Cross the border into Scotland, drive to the Isle of Skye and get a ferry to the Outer Hebrides.
8. Live in the remote Western Isles, looking after a friend’s house (rent free). Your only company is a sheep and a cat. Have limited contact with other humans.
9. Settle into island life. For the first few days you won’t leave the house because of the wild weather outside. The only noise is that of the constant howling wind.
10. Concentrate on writing new music, demoing and practising for your upcoming tour. Everything you write sounds dark and moody, probably in response to the gloomy Scottish weather.
11. Sleep as long as you want, get up when you want, spend your days doing what you want. Only dress in pyjamas.
12. Watch the unfolding circus that is Western politics on TV, resolve to become a hermit and never interact with another human ever again.
13. Realise that you have a tour coming up. Panic. You haven’t shaved in months.
14. Pack up the car again. Get a ferry to the mainland. Try to remember how to interact with people.
15. Pick up the rest of the band. This is the first time you’ve seen each other in a few months. Get drunk after your first rehearsal, everyone wakes up sick with the same cold.
16. Play the first gig of the tour, blow off the cobwebs. Drink too much. Sleep. Drive. Play the next gig. Repeat.
17. Try to avoid carrying your gear up too many flights of stairs after a gig, because you’re knackered. Never leave anything in the car overnight.
18. Try to figure out how you are going to return to normal life. Don’t think about the 9 to 5, or the soul crushing daily commute. Make a plan. Make a change.
Entopica Phenomica is available now. Keep up with the band here.