Face Off: Two Spanish Bakalao Bad Boys

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Jupiter Jon

There was a time of creative vitality and infinite freedom where art and entertainment came together to bring forth a unique and unrepeatable movement, the birth of “La Ruta Destroy” (aka Ruta del Bakalo). It was the 90s, and in the Spanish Levante, hedonism reigned to the sound of the two prophets of Chimo Bayo and Paco Pil. These two faces generated the shock that revolutionized the hertzian spectrum–geniuses or horrific monsters?

Chimo Bayo, “Asi Me Gusta A Mi” (“So Like Me”)

This song caused lots of hair pulling for 90s techno snobs who believed that, with its chiquitán base, it would never be a techno hit. The result? The best selling maxi single in Spain's history! “¡ASÍ ME GUSTA A MÍ! HU-HA! ”

Paco Pil, “Viva la Fiesta”

A hymn on all dance floors, which earned Paco Pil a gold disc. Many young people would spend weekends in the early 90s, from Friday to Sunday, in a nonstop party. The party was a healing remedy, and the formula was given step by step in this song.

Chimo Bayo, “La Tia Enriqueta” (Original Mix)

A newer hit that places under Bayo's rhymes an equally courageous and progressive acid house base. Some were educated with television and the Muppets, others learned the numbers with “Aunt Harriet”. Here, anything goes!

Paco Pil, “Johnny Techno Ska”

Hands up, who can imagine riding a horse (or donkey) while listening to this song? Paco delights us with this peculiar musical style, later dubbed by him as “techno-ska”. This is another of the tortures that still remains a songs worshipped by a generation. Why? I do not know!

Chimo Bayo, “Bombas”

This is possibly one of his most deep, dark and autobiographical song. It hit number one in places as diverse as Israel and Japan. A mass suicide at the hands of the Rev. Bayo?