Late night picks with Thieves Like Us

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Thieves Like Us

Whilst recording our new record Bleed Bleed Bleed in Paris, we often found ourselves sitting at 2 a.m., blank and stoned. We passed through window after window on YouTube in search of good music. Here were some strange and beautiful tunes which we found (we would like to write more about them, but they are small artists, and our history with the tunes is quite new).

While we are not for metal, we are not against it either. There is some great drumming here. It turns out that this is Marky Ramone playing here, way back in 1971.

This is a great minimal kind of electronic reggae song from the mid 1980s. We found the acid-like bass very moving.

We couldn't find too much information on these guys. Spaced out British prog.

We do love the MC5. After looking at Wayne Kramer clips we were lead to the Englishman Mick Farren. This tripped out song is pretty well represented by it's cover and title. Yeah, screwed up.

Here was some lovely Greek prog-rock. Syndromo. Sounds a bit like that “Sky Saw” song by Eno.

This great Slovenian band just released one 7″ in 1972. It's got a really good singing melodies and the beat is pretty groovey. They actually made a video too. Wow.